Just In Time For Prom Season, the KFC Drumstick Corsage!

We talk a fair bit about Yum! Brands here and the increasingly over-the-top food items they offer through their KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut brands.

Through these articles, we thought we imagined every conceivable food permutation in our comedic suggestions for food items we’d like to see… yet today Yum! has blown us away… for $20, you can now buy your prom date a corsage designed to hold a KFC drumstick (assembly required, and by assembly, Yahoo reports you have to get the corsage from a florist and the drumstick from KFC).

3 More Items We’d Like To See In Corsages

1. Airline vomit bag. Preferably a collectible from a former big name like Pan Am. In fact, given how much NetFlix tells us “You watched Mad Men so you might like Pan Am,” we think Netflix should consider making recipe suggestions for Yum Brands! For example, “You liked Four Weddings and a Funeral and Chicken Run, so you’ll probably love our four drumsticks in an animated cornbread casket deal!

2. IKEA instructions of how to assemble and install a boutonniere. This might save unintentional bleeding when she pins a paper flower to you.

3. A place to put your iPhone. The flowers will make it slightly less conspicuous as you text your friends detail-by-boring-detail of how you’d rather be doing something else, such as sitting at home and texting them.

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  1. I think a KFC corsage with a duct tape dress would be perfect. Can’t figure out the shoes though


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