Beyonce At Walmart Days After Target Refuses To Carry Her Album

CNN reports that Beyoncé surprised shoppers at a Massachusetts Walmart by giving 750 individuals $50 gift cards for free.

You may have seen in the news earlier this week that Target said it would not be carrying Beyoncé’s latest album, which was released on iTunes before physical format, because Target stated that it is more interested in carrying albums that are released in digital and physical formats at the same time.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Hey, Target, did it really seem like a good business plan to not carry a hot-selling album of one of the world’s most popular celebrities? Did you think you were teaching her a lesson, as some in the media have speculated? You do know that Beyoncé is married to JAY-Z, who has been known to get into feuds with other tough rappers. Target, you are not a tough rapper, so please, just because your shopping carts are red like the Bloods’ colors, don’t start a gang war with sales associates wearing Crip color uniforms at Walmart.

2. Hey Target, does this sound like a good potential quote for a sales associate: “Sorry, we don’t carry the latest Beyoncé album – perhaps you should check the Walmart down the street where Beyoncé is giving out the free gift cards that you could use to buy her CD and maybe have money left over to buy an MP3 player so you don’t need to buy CDs again?” That would sound bad, but in fairness, it would sound better than apologizing for breaches of data from up to 40 million customers’ credit and debit cards, which we wrote about yesterday.

3. Will JAY-Z make Walmart’s George line of clothing as popular as Tom Ford by naming a song after George, whoever that is? Although that would be funny, we don’t expect JAY-Z to rap about that brand. But maybe Vanilla Ice or Hammer will be available and willing once they enter their senior years.

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  1. Also have to wonder whether Target realized they were giving a lot of free publicity to an album they don’t carry.


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