Man Allegedly Pulls Train Alarm After Boarding Wrong Train

The Local reports that a man in France who boarded the wrong train allegedly chose a poor solution to his dilemma: pull an emergency alarm to bring the train to a grinding halt. Which delayed 20 trains, including his own train. Which he was removed from by police for questioning.

Obviously, this was a poor reason to pull an alarm on a train. Here are 3 more bad reasons to avoid.

1. Planned on sleeping on train and due to a mistranslation using your French-to-English translation application on your iPhone, thought the alarm was an alarm to wake you up at your stop. p.s. instead of using the translation app, you could have just set the alarm on your iPhone!

2. You got on the wrong train and will be very late for your job interview as a train safety inspector; alarm instruction writer; or silent, non-intrusive mime that boarded the wrong imaginary train.

3. Thought pulling down the alarm would get you to your destination faster because you thought it would make the train move faster, like an airplane, based on what you’ve learned from playing video games and watching cable news.

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