Costco Apologizing After In Store Bibles Labelled “Fiction”

CNN reports that Costco is apologizing after a pastor noticed price-tags on Bibles at a California store were labelled “Fiction.”

3 More Things A Big Box Store Could Do To Offend Christians

1. Instead of selling individual Bibles, sell bulk cases of Bibles, all labelled “fiction.” More is not always, better, right? For example, more locusts is worse than less locusts – don’t believe us, ask the Bible!

2. Introduce new “Kirkland Signature Bible.” Contains 50% more Bible for the price of a regular Bible. How do they do it? Um, the new 50% is fiction, featuring mostly zombies in the Book of Revelation.

3. Introduce book entitled “Kirkland 500 Shades of Grey and Bible.” That’s a lot more shades of grey than you’ll find on Amazon, but the “Shades” part still probably won’t satisfy discerning readers, regardless of religion.

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  1. Costco should probably relabel 50 Shades of Grey as “Religion” too, just in case.


  2. Did anyone look through the book? Maybe it’s not the same Bible we’re thinking of. 🙂


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