Breaking News*: Swedish Bus Driver Reportedly Assesses Kid’s Teeth To Determine Fare

The Local reports that a bus driver in Sundsvall, Sweden infuriated a parent, while trying to enforce an-only-kids-under-age-seven ride for free policy. Specifically, the driver allegedly argued that the child was too tall and had too many teeth to be age six.

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is Sundsvall, Sweden a town full of aspiring NHL players who don’t wear mouth guards, and are missing many teeth? We’re just trying to figure out if teeth lost to hockey pucks may influence Swedish adult age-guessers.

2. This wouldn’t have happened if the six-year old was carrying her driver’s license, right? (Because then she would have been able to drive to where she was going and not need public transit.)

3. Who writes these seemingly arbitrary rules, anyway? Are seven-year olds in Sweden expected to be gainfully employed and pay their own bus fares? We’d hate to find out a mistaken English-to-Swedish translation of Oliver Twist somehow lead to this becoming a rule.

*Not The Worst News: Your Source Of Breaking Swedish News Since 2012. And based on real world cable news, if anything happened any time recently, it now qualifies as “breaking.”

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  1. It’s that kind of customer service that allows a company to thrive.


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