Young Entrepreneur Plans On Launching One Business Per Week. We Have 3 Business Ideas.

Yahoo reports that a wealthy 28-year-old entrepreneur has vowed to launch a new business every week for one year.

From the article:

“One venture is a mobile yoga studio. Another, Apocalypse Camp, is a survival course for adults to be held within a derelict jailhouse, where proficiencies such as siphoning gas, hotwiring cars and shooting guns will be taught.”

3 Business Ideas We’d Like To See Launched In Under A Week

1. A business to help participants in a mobile yoga studio deal with a zombie attack. It combines two ideas that the entrepreneur already has, and let’s face it, the reverse warrior pose is totally the wrong way to deal with zombies, even if you are on a moving bus.

2. A business that launches new businesses every day. Because it’s a competitive world out there, and in the week it takes to launch a business, we could launch a mobile-truck advertising business that blocks all competing mobile yoga studios from the views of passersby, advertising the six other mobile yoga studios we will launch that week. Note, all of our mobile advertising trucks and yoga studios will contain locked gas caps, making it impossible to siphon any gas, in case anyone gets any ideas if we park our vehicles next to a derelict jailhouse.

3. A cable TV channel that features a different zombie television show every week. Rather than one that features the same cast walking around the same places, where nothing ever happens, like the Walking Dead. p.s. we’ve ready the spoilers for last night’s finale, and were bored reading a few sentences about the stuff that was left unexplained, like why this series is so popular.

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  1. Wow. That’s so ambitious!! Kudos to them for being brave enough to go forth with their ideas.

    Please check out my post on living fearlessly and let me know what you think 🙂


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