Bride Walks Out On Groom After He Demonstrates Weak Math Skills

The AP reports that a bride walked out of a wedding ceremony in India after she asked the groom the following math question:


Hint: the answer is not 17, like he thought.

Which made the bride feel that he misrepresented his education prior to the near-marriage.

3 Ways To Make The Groom Feel Better

1. We bet there are all kind of casinos in Vegas that would comp you a free room or something if you play enough blackjack.

2. At least she knows you weren’t after her for the money, since you may not be able to calculate what a lot of money may be.

3. Or was making her think that you weren’t after her money your plan all along? If so, bravo on your acting skills, although jeers to your motives!

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  1. I think the groom is absolutely right. 15 + 6 = 17 after taxes.


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