World Eagerly Awaits Which Chemically-Colored Smoke Will Emerge From The Vatican!

As reported in the New York Times, mystery chemicals will be burned in cartridges at the Vatican to let the world know via chimney-smoke whether a new pope has been chosen.

Black smoke = no new Pope.

White smoke = new Pope!

What 3 Other Colors Of Smoke Emerging From A Chimney At The Vatican May Mean

1. Greenish-Yellow Smoke. The color-producing cartridges were manufactured with budgetary considerations in mind, in Wuhan, China using the city’s yellowish-green smog.

2. Blue Smoke. Instead of reporting a new Pope hire, someone at the Vatican is about to be fired for making smoke the same color as the sky, leading to more spectator confusion!

3. Red Smoke. A new Pope has not been chosen, but enjoy this smoke advertising the remake of Red Dawn, now on DVD!

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