Good Luck Convincing Those Bots Following You To Retweet Your Tweets!

Quartz reports that a recent filing by Twitter reveals about 8.5% of “active” Twitter accounts, amounting to 23 million accounts are actually bots. #WhenWillTheMadnessEnd

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. What does it take for a “Bot” to be active? Because we don’t see any working out at the gym. All the robotic machines we see at the gym are letting idiots run on them.

2. Is updating Twitter via a computer program more physically “active” than the computer programmer that created the bot? We’re guessing it’s a tie.

3. How much longer is the public going to care about fake Twitter accounts with fake numbers of followers posting Tweets that say nothing? Twitter: like an internet chat room, with less conversation, and more consecutive tweets from a bot virus that drown out the intelligent Tweet your smart friend made yesterday.

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  1. Wow. I would definitely believe those numbers…..since there are so many people out there with a purchased amount of followers. (Congratulations. 3,000 nonexistent people like you and won’t ever look at your page again!) This kind of goes along the same line of thought that inspired the post we have scheduled to come out tomorrow morning about people spamming the same Tweet again and again. Will we ever find out what our BFF ate for breakfast? Probably not…..thanks to bots and misguided marketers.
    -April w/Nexus Development


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