99-Year-Old Teacher Changed Careers At Age 82… So When Are You Going To Give Up Your Door-To-Door Encyclopedia Business?

CNN reports that a 99-year-old elementary school teacher, who started teaching at age 82, enjoys her job so much she refuses to retire. She teaches cooking, sewing and costume-making, which means if you want your kid to prepare all the food and sew all the flapper costumes for your next roaring 20s dinner party, you may want to enrol them at this school.

3 More Costumes We Think Kids Should Be Learning To Make In School

1. 120-Year Old Redwood Trees. Someone has to make the 99-year old teachers in town feel young again.

2. Jessica Chastain. This serious-looking girl’s costume allows you to go from being completely unknown, to being a Golden Globe winner and star of the two biggest box office winners in just one week.

3. Fictional Online College Football Player Girlfriend Costume. This costume allows you to go from being a complete unknown to a complete unknown. Because it doesn’t exist. So it’s kinda hard to sew.

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  1. At 48, I’m finally pursuing the call I first heard at 10 to become a writer. So far, so good. It will be even better when the first check comes in. Hopefully, it will be before I turn 82 and have to change careers again.


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