Facebook May Be Analyzing Your Recent Break-Up More Than You!

The Atlantic reports that the Facebook Data team has reviewed data of people who were on the “receiving end” of a relationship break-up.

Apparently, Facebook assumes that if you were in a relationship for four weeks and the other person clicked to end the relationship status on Facebook first that you got dumped.

Which is great news for Facebook! Because the data indicates that you really, really use Facebook a lot more often right after getting dumped, with an initial spike after the incident, and continuing usage over the days that follow.

3 Questions That People May Be Asking About This Story

1. “Hey, what’s up with the assumptions, Facebook? Just because my loser boyfriend is always on the internet, does not mean he broke up with me!” – woman in denial who got dumped via Facebook like ice cold man-made snow in Sochi.

2. “Why did I announce I started a relationship after the first date? I’ll never make that mistake again! Hey anybody wanna go on a date tonight? Anybody?” -guy who just got dumped and posted this as his status update, indicating he probably hasn’t learned from his mistake of appearing needy.

3. “So this ‘Facebook’ machine tells you that chicks on the rebound are more likely to talk to me?” -sleazy old man who would have approached you in a bar anyway.

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  1. wonder if they can tell it was just a fight if you change the status back a few days later


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