10-Year-Old Norwegian Boy Who Claimed To Be Dwarf Steals Parents’ Car Again

Reuters reports that a 10-year-old Norwegian boy, who we wrote about days ago, has stolen his parents car for the second time in two weeks. Fortunately nobody was hurt during an approximate half-hour drive. Also, this time around, it does not appear that the kid used the I’m-Just-A-Dwarf-Who-Lost-My-Driver’s-License excuse.

3 Places We Don’t Recommend Storing Your Car Keys If Your Kid Keeps Stealing Your Car

1. Next to McDonald’s coupons from Sweden. Because as we recently wrote, Norwegians reportedly love to drive to Sweden to save big money on Big Macs, which cost about $15 U.S. a burger in Norway.

2. In the place you keep losing your car keys, which is likely the crevices of your couch. Perhaps your kid will be searching for the remote control there while he or she watches Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a movie that may inspire kids to claim to be dwarfs who left their driver’s licenses at home if they get caught stealing a car.

3. In the ignition of your car with a bumper sticker bragging that “My kid is an honors student at Keystone Elementary, and so smart he taught himself to drive at age 10 by reading my car’s owner’s manual.”

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  1. Maybe they should lock up the child instead of the car.


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