Funniest Travel News Headline Of 2013?

Sometimes a headline is so good that reading, or in this case viewing the news story could only lead to disappointment.

And our new favorite headline comes from

“TSA agent confiscates sock monkey’s pistol.”

We could read on about the misadventures of sock monkey “Rooster Monkburn,” and his two inch toy pistol… or we could just write…

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. When is the TSA going to introduce separate lines for “people who have been on airplanes since 2001” and “people who have never ridden an airplane?” Look, we get the sock puppet’s owner has a potentially legit, strong argument for bringing her pretend monkey with its pretend-toy gun on a plane. We just don’t want to be standing behind her in line, with no shoes, and no belts, as our pants fall down while we listen to her plead her case.

2. Who should be most embarrassed by this incident? It may not be the best day at work having to argue about sock puppet weaponry with a sock puppet expert. But clearly, the sock puppet should be most embarrassed because all of his sock friends got through security on people’s feet with no incident.

3. “Who is laughing now?” is what we imagine airport socks everywhere would say to the detained sock puppet, after their own embarrassment being worn three weeks straight without being washed by a recent college grad backpacking around Europe.

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6 replies

  1. Jet plane hijacked by rouge sock monkey.


  2. Where would a sock monkey hide a gun?


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