Man Wakes Up In Dark, Empty Commercial Airliner, And It’s Not A Zombie Movie!

QMI Agency reports that a man fell asleep on a United Express plane, and woke up in a “cold, pitch-black cabin” in a parked plane in Houston after nobody noticed he was asleep in his seat when the passengers and the crew disembarked the plane.

3 Possible Explanations Of How Nobody Could Notice A Passenger Was Left Asleep On An Airplane

1. Flight crew were Macaulay Culkin’s parents in Home Alone.

2. Flight crew were Macaulay Culkin’s parents in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. Technically, these were the same parents, but slightly older, and more prone to leaving their most precocious kid unattended, so how would you expect them to notice a non-precocious, sleeping plane passenger?

3. Seats too close together to notice passenger, who in fairness, resembled Chairry from Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Not The Worst News: Your Source For 1980s and 1990s references to family programming.

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  1. None of the articles have mentioned the possibility that the passenger was so obnoxious that the crew drugged his drink and hoped he wouldn’t be found before the next flight to Tbilsi was in the air and couldn’t turn around.


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