Spotify Announces News That Led Zeppelin Fans Would Have Been Waiting 40 Years For… If Spotify Existed in 1973 Or Existed On Their Radar In 2013.

CNBC reports that Spotify has obtained the exclusive streaming rights to the music of Led Zeppelin.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “My vision is not very good, being 60 years old and all, and I thought you said ‘Def Leppard’ – how am I going to hear ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ as soon as possible?” Head to nearest Coyote Ugly or Best Buy showing the movie Coyote Ugly on every big screen immediately.

2.“Will they stream all of Led Zeppelin’s material, including the box set radio station liners saying stuff like ‘I’m Jimmy Page, and this DJ is insane!?'” That would be ironic if there is no DJ on Spotify. By the way, since you seem to be so familiar with the material on Led Zeppelin’s box set, why do you need Spotify?

3. “My local classic rock station only gets the Led out for one hour a day! Are you telling me that I can get the Led out with commercials, all day long? By the way, did I mention I never purchased nor illegally downloaded music in my life?” We believe that you’ve never purchased music or put it on an iPod because you are the insane DJ Jimmy Page was referring to, right?

Not The Worst News: We Just Got The Led Out And Will Never Be Writing About Led Zeppelin Again!

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  1. Maybe they’re trying to get all those 18-29 year olds who have been asking their parents “Where can I listen to your music the way you used to listen to it before sound technology got good/”


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