That Crumbling Building Looks Like A Place For Romantic Wedding Photo Shoots, Right?

Today’s news tip comes to us via email from Scott in Toronto. We always encourage our readers to send us mildly bad news, so we don’t accidentally read real bad news on the internet.

Yahoo reports that a Russian videographer filming a wedding captured part of a building crumbling, in a video that can be viewed here, complete with Yahoo comedic content. Fortunately, nobody was reportedly hurt by the crumbling building.

3 Worse Things That Can Collapse At Your Wedding

1. The Maid of Honor, after drinking too much, and moments before giving her speech. But you knew that drama queen would find a way about making your special day about her, so you can’t be too angry, especially since you did select her (after feeling guilty following listening to her three hour crying spree, about how she can never land her first choice man, and is stuck dating her Plan B.)

2. The Maid of Honor, after drinking too much, but moments after giving her speech. This is worse because she keeps calling your fiancee “Plan B,” explaining how “Plan A” left you at the alter via jet-pack two years ago.

3. The Maid of Honor, after drinking too much, and calling your future husband “Plan B.” She doesn’t pass out, but surprises the audience with the fact that this is a shot gun wedding because, “Speaking of Plan B, she didn’t use any contraception.” Which of course leads to your shocked mother fainting.

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  1. I will have a strict ‘no humiliating me’ rule for any toast givers at my wedding and will ask to proof a copy of the speech first. I have heard way too many toasts like these to leave it to chance.


  2. More reason to elope. 😛 I’m honestly afraid of what people might say if I give them alcohol and a microphone.


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