ABC News Reporter Asks If Obama Between Two Ferns Appearance “Damaged” Presidency

Talking Points Memo reports that after U.S. President Barack Obama appeared on a comedic FunnyOrDie segment of Between To Ferns, to promote, ABC News reporter Jim Avila asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney the following question:

“I understand the purpose, but was the presidency in any way damaged?”

Three Questions That We Have For ABC News Reporter Jim Avila

1. “What kind of possible answer did you expect to your dumb question?” 

What kind of damage could be caused by the President looking like a guy with a good sense of humor on a comedy web site? The ink on the Constitution magically transforming to take away his powers? Viewers of Fox News who already dislike the President having a new reason to be irate about the President?

2. “Is the fact that web traffic was reportedly up almost 40% on the web site after release of the video damaging to the Presidency? And if so, does this mean you think young people signing up for health care is damaging to the Presidency?”

We are certain a future President will be a hipster who gets life-saving medical treatment after watching the video on her MacBook at a local Vegan restaurant, and then slips on a banana peel (discarded from a smoothie). And so we conclude, the video saved the Presidency.

3. “Does being a reporter on ABC, a division of Disney, hurt your journalistic credibility, especially after Disney released box office flops like John Carter and the Lone Ranger?”

We think based on your question about damage to the Presidency, you must conduct all future interviews in the costume of Disney-owned character, the Hulk. That way, randomly asking angry-sounding questions will seem normal, plus you can show the other reporters in the room how to really damage chairs and other objects.

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  1. I think Obama’s presidency has been irreparably damaged by this interview. In fact, there is zero chance that he would win the 2016 election.

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    • We wish Jay Carney gave your comedic answer. Of course, for reporters who would take that literally, smoking crack did not damage Rob Ford’s Mayoralty because he is running for re-election. So remember everyone, appearing on a comedy web site can be more damaging to your political Office than smoking crack or appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


    • you are so wrong, if it were possible for the president to run again, i believe he would win with an even bigger margin then the last election. did you watch the “interview”? the president was promoting health care to young people that watch between two ferns, which is a good thing. he is not the first president to be on a comedy show and he was promoting health care, a good thing.


      • Hey, Susan, everyone is just joking here. is a funny web site you should visit. That’s why we specifically joked about not taking List Of X’s comments literally. List Of X was using a non-sequitur that because Obama can’t legally run (or win) again, appearing on Between Two Firms damaged his Presidency.


      • Thank you for answering that, NTWN. It’s really not a comfortable position to have to explain my own joke. 🙂


  2. Give the reporter a break – he probably has to write his own questions and has used up all the good ones.


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