Toddler Buys Car on eBay… Why Is Your Boyfriend Still Riding The Bus?

The Toronto Sun reports that an Oregon man was surprised to learn his fourteen-month-old daughter accidentally bought a classic car on eBay. Fortunately the car only cost $225, so the family kept it.

3 Worse Things Your Toddler Could Buy On The Internet

1. 10,000 shares of Build-A-Bear Workshop. We’re not saying that would be a bad investment worthy of being bearish. We’ll leave that for the stock pros and the unbuilt bulls and bears to decide. We’re just saying at the time you find out this news you might have been happier if your daughter just bought an unassembled bear from there. And if E*TRADE didn’t keep showing commercials of babies trading stocks.

Not A New Car!

Did your kid just buy this? They’ll probably regret that decision when they see this thing sitting in their closet and night!

2. A subscription to a comedy web site that mocks the news. We give it away for free, folks!

3. 95% of the seats on a flight to Hong Kong. Expensive, and just enough seats left to irritate the other passengers, especially since toddlers cry on airplanes and at hour-long birthday parties after “overexcitement.” Just imagine how much the crying will increase when the kids learn the party is 16 hours and the party bags are filled with rusty old car parts your toddler ordered on eBay.

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