Man Briefly Has $92 Quadrillion Accidentally Credited To His PayPal Account… Good Thing He Doesn’t Have One Of Those Toddlers Who Bids On Cars On eBay!

The New York Daily News reports that a Pennsylvania man was briefly accidentally credited $92 quadrillion in his PayPal account. This is about enough money to buy everything (rounded up to the nearest “everything.”)

PayPal has offered to donate some money to charity to offset any disappointment. And as indicated in our headline and the story we wrote here, the man is lucky he doesn’t have one of those toddlers who buys cars on eBay, because $92 quadrillion for a 2011 Toyota Prius may be a high price to pay when you could just buy Toyota for that price.

3 Worse Things To Find In A Payment Account

1. A payment to the library for the entire overdue Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew collections you borrowed as a kid and forgot to return. Given you’ve moved to another state since then, they must have had the real Nancy Drew track you down!

2. Nancy Drew. Is there anywhere that master-sleuth can’t hide? p.s., Nancy Drew, hiding in PayPal will not land you more pals.

3. A free program that allows you to subscribe to a dial-up internet company. The good news is at least they aren’t mailing you a free CD-rom every month. The bad news is that if you take the offer, Nancy Drew will be secretly spying on all of your online searches to try to solve a case involving missing mittens. She really is everywhere!

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