We Hope At Least The Ticket Was Printed On Recycled Paper!

The Toronto Sun reports that the Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission/City Councillor Karen Stintz has received a ticket for riding her bicycle to work without coming to a full stop at a stop sign! We are uncertain whether the ticket came from the regular police or the irony police.

3 Worse Things To Get In Trouble For While Trying To Help The Environment

1. Raising organic, free range chickens on a golf driving range. If you confuse ranges, you should definitely not be given access to chickens. Also, if you are a guest of someone who confuse ranges, don’t be surprised if raw chicken is served up after they try to cook it in an Alpaca range instead of the kitchen range.

2. Recycling jokes about the environment. Fortunately that never happens on this web site. We’re too busy keeping our eyes on the road to avoid being hit by cyclists to recycle jokes!

3. Recycling jokes about “recycling jokes about the environment.” Especially if the jokes are printed on non-recycled paper, and you are the Mayor of a City and reading them while driving, and get in trouble from the media after someone posts a photo of you reading and driving on Twitter, but you don’t get a ticket. Oh, wait, that’s kinda similar to what happened to the Mayor of Toronto, minus the jokes part! Torontonians can only wish Mayors reading and driving are a joke.  The good news is he was at least driving on a road, and not a driving range, because that would have been really dangerous with all the golf balls and free range chickens all over the place.

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  1. I do believe this is one of your best. About the only thing that might make it better would be if you recycled it tomorrow. 🙂



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