Splitting Headaches Are Such A Hassle. And Headache Medication Can Be So Hard To Open. If Only You Could Transplant Your Entire Head…

Yahoo reports that an Italian neuroscientist claims that human-to-human head transplants may some day become available!

And you thought allegations of performance-enhancing drugs were a problem in sports. Just wait until the day that Roger Clemens is able to transplant his head onto a pitching machine!

3 Other Dumb Places People Could Start Transplanting Their Heads

1. Onto a whack-a-mole game. Not as fun as it sounds, no matter how many free prize coupons you can get at Dave and Buster’s.

2. Into head cheese. The name head cheese already sounds gross enough. And then you learn it’s not cheese! It’s the head of a pig or a calf! And if people are willing to eat those animal heads, you do not want your head transplanted there!

3. On to someone’s body after you super-glued your lips together by mistake! Didn’t you read our story yesterday? Paraffin oil will remove that, without need for a transplant. Something you will probably realize after you also realize that your lips are still glued shut, just on a different body! That’s why it will be very important in the future to learn the difference between head transplants and brain transplants! They’re not the same thing, people!

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  1. I would pay money to whack a lot of people in the head, but I feel like brain transplants are in more of a dire demand. 😉


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