Now What Are You Going To Do With The Useless Gold Mine In Your Backyard?

CNBC reports that the price of gold has fallen to a level where it may cost more to remove gold from mines than what it’s worth.

3 Solutions We Propose To This Problem

1. Emergency Olympiad featuring all of the sports not in regular Olympiads, like skateboarding, surfing, and cast-making for extreme sports injuries. Also, invite millennial kids from around the world to participate, as they all are used to getting praise even if they don’t win something. So gold medals for everyone!

2. Are your pets still unmarried? Pet weddings are growing in popularity, so time to make your pets honest, with appropriate gold wedding bands. And if your pet eats the wedding band, people may be less upset if you don’t scoop up your pet’s mess if they find a ring in it.

3. Stop throwing all of your gold in mines! According to late night TV commercials, there are companies that will let you mail them your gold, and then give you an undisclosed amount of money. Sure that sounds like an opportunity to get ripped-off, but you should see what the gold miners will charge to get your jewelry out of that mine!

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