Baseball Player Traded For “Nothing” And We Mean Literally Nothing In Return!

Yahoo reports that the Philadelphia Phillies traded pitcher Mike Cisco to the Los Angeles Angels for nothing. This was not a waiver or release, and the Phillies received absolutely no cash compensation.

3 Worse Things To Receive In A Trade With The Angels Than Nothing

1. Actual Angels In The Outfield from the movie of the same name. Those invisible angels are such big cheaters that they’d likely cause a bigger scandal than the last steroid scandal, meaning nobody gets into the Hall of Fame for years to come!

2. Rude gestures from the Rally Monkey. This isn’t the 1980s movie “Every Which Way But Loose,” where acting legend Clint Eastwood brought the comedy by acting with a monkey, which may have seemed like a low point at the time, until Eastwood later started acting with chairs. We eagerly await Eastwood’s next movie: “Monkey Bars.” No monkeys. No chairs. Just an empty bar. And this time, it’s personal.

3. The part of the Angels team name that it is legally required to keep because it promised the City of Anaheim to keep the word “Anaheim” in its name. Hey visiting team fans, enjoy finding Citizens Bank Park on a map for the next Philadelphia Phillies of Anaheim game!

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  1. “Monkey Bars” – I love it!


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