Flight Crew Fashion Police Spark Debate On What Is Acceptable To Wear On An Airplane

CNBC reports that two passengers who were asked to adjust their clothing on U.S. air carriers told their stories to sympathetic bloggers, leading to a viral debate of proper air travel attire.

Specifically, a woman flying from Las Vegas was told by a Southwest employee to cover up her cleavage, an action we’ve never seen happen in any beer commercial involving flying on airplanes.

Another woman received a “lecture” from an American Airlines Pilot for wearing a T-shirt with a four-lettered word.

3 More T-Shirt Ideas That May Lead To A Lecture From A Flight Crew

1. A T-shirt that says “My parents went to San Diego, and all they brought me back was a lousy T-Shirt, but not this one, because their baggage got lost by this airline on the flight back.”

This statement from a real restaurant advertisement may not be popular if emblazoned on a T-shirt and worn on a plane with animal-lover flight attendants.

2. A T-shirt with an image of sweatpants. While, of course, wearing sweatpants. You might not get a lecture on offensiveness, but rather lack of originality of your inflight fashion choice.

3. A T-shirt explaining your favorite airline’s frequent flier program rules and blackout restrictions. No need to depress co-passengers with a reminder of how difficult it can be to redeem these things. Although, it would be ironic if the blackout restrictions included restrictions on when you could wear such a T-shirt.

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