Which Of You Jerks Are Throwing Tin Cans Out Of Your Car Windows?

Beside roads everywhere, we see signs like the one below, and we all know what they mean, but have you ever asked yourself why the symbol of an opened tin can is used?

Tin Can sign

Please stop throwing these at the side of the road after you finish eating your corn in your car!

Is there anyone really breaking out the can-opener and eating cold beans in their vehicles?

3 Worse Items People Could Be Littering Through Their Car Windows Than Tin Cans

1. Can-openers! The good news is the litterers won’t be able to open their tin cans in the car to throw out the window. The bad news is these litterers will probably switch from eating cans of corn to frozen bags of corn while driving. This will require throwing entire microwave ovens out the window, once the corn is defrosted.

2. Steering wheels! Many upscale cars have wooden steering wheels that presumably could be put to a better use like kindling to heat up your frozen corn. Oh, and there’s also that whole you-can’t-drive-without-a-steering-wheel-thing.

3. Wooden barrels! If you’re thinking about throwing wooden barrels out your car windows, your name is obviously Donkey Kong, and don’t you think Mario has enough to worry about when driving his super-cart around Nintendo-land than you littering on the road? By the way, Mario has his own wooden mallet that looks a lot like the judge’s gavel in the sign, so if you even dare think of littering, Donkey Kong, you can expect Mario to smash your 500 point barrels instantly!

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  1. Donkey Kong throwing barrels out the window! Nice image made my drive to work fun.



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