Stolen U.S. Credit Cards Worth As Low As $5 On Black Market

Yahoo Finance reports that stolen U.S. credit card information is worth as little as $5 on the black market.

3 Theories We Have As To Why

  1. Getting busted by police after video released online of “Guy fraudulently buying a Happy Meal” may not lead to happiness with five dollar fraudulent investment when video goes viral.
  2. Shipping fraudulent purchased goods to your home or office = worse idea.  Especially if you work at the anti-fraud division of a police force.
  3. Nobody believes your name is “Happy Cardholder.” (stop stealing credit card details from the cards in ads!)  Nobody will especially believe that you are a happy cardholder if you have a dumb airline rewards card that has never been redeemable for a flight anywhere due to blackout rules.

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