Guinness Beer Plans A Vegan Version… So What Animal Product Is In It, You Ask?

CNN reports that Guinness plans on eliminating an ingredient used to filter yeast from its beer brewed in Ireland. It won’t be removing the ingredient from Guinness brewed in about 50 other countries.

The ingredient: fish bladder.

Since we are all about helping companies, here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For Guinness

  1. We Put The Fish, Literally, In The Phrase “Drinking Like A Fish!”
  2. Guinness: And You Thought Your Bladder Was Full Drinking This… Imagine How Full The Fish Bladder In Your Bladder Is!
  3. We Hope No Bladder-Free Fish Fell Into The Brewing Kettles, Because Those Fish Are Going To Be Totally Wasted*

*Based on our understanding of science. So unless you have a peer-reviewed paper on bladderless fish drinking like fish, shadddup!

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