Non-Breaking News: Bernie Sanders Addressed Crowd of 27,500.

We’ve been writing a lot recently about news reporters (who should know better) interviewing pundits explaining that Donald Trump is “taking up all the oxygen” in the media.

They say this as if there is no solution on their news shows. They control the oxygen! If our trusted journalists need more oxygen to divvy up between candidates, replace some of these pundits with potted plants. 

We say this because, despite a Wall Street Journal report that Bernie Sanders has spoken to crowds including 27,500 people in Los Angeles, we still don’t see any of the cable news networks reporting anything about him in prime time.  And as cable news is our primary source for news, we sincerely know nothing about this candidate.

So let’s see what we can learn from this Wall Street Journal article…

  1. Bernie Sanders wears baseball caps in public. That sounds like Donald Trump! Why is nobody else covering this?  Maybe the baseball cap needs a catchy phrase like “Making Change.”  Much easier to read than Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Bernie Sanders can wear the cap, explain how he wants to change things to help the middle class grow, and then offer to break change for dollars that won’t work in vending machines.
  2. Bernie Sanders doesn’t want money from corporations or billionaires. Hey, Trump says that, too! (Although Trump last night was asking the audience whether he could take the money and then screw over the person who gave him the money when they asked for something in return.)  Why isn’t the corporate-owned media reporting this candidate that will save them all money by not asking for any?
  3. Bernie Sanders flies commercial, including Southwest Airlines. Now, that’s totally the opposite of Trump.  Clearly we’ve discovered why one candidate’s stadium speeches are televised live, and another’s are buried into obscurity.  You can’t expect CNN to show your speech live, when it starts late, as the WSJ reports has happened, because your flight is late! Besides, television audiences want someone like them, who has their own private jet flying in circles around a stadium.  They don’t want to hear preachy talk from some elitist collecting fancy Southwest Rapid Rewards.  Sure, real live audiences apparently want something different.  We’re not saying that’s why media stocks tanked this week due to cord-cutting fears, but maybe cable news may want to pay some attention to the other candidate gathering crowds.

We will continue searching for news on Bernie Sanders, since your cable news package may not include it.  More non-breaking updates to come!

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