Margaret Atwood Claims National Post Censored Her Article… Guess There’s No Way Anyone Will Ever Find Out What It Originally Said In This Digital Media Age…

Canadaland reports that Canadian author Margaret Atwood claims that the National Post censored a piece she wrote criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  A journalist made a list of tweets of the alleged edits that can be found here.

Oh, we should also mention, the article was reportedly edited after it was posted online, then removed from the National Post web page, then replaced online.

As we’re all about helping media, here are 3 tips we have for the National Post:

  1. The Nation referred to by “National” is presumably Canada, not one of those other nations with state-controlled media.
  2. Eliminating words online will not save trees, although perhaps trees are thankful any time censoring results in less paper being used in print editions.
  3. Um, deleting things from your web page by a famous author in the age of social media doesn’t sound like it will result in fewer people reading what was deleted.  Unless your readers are using the 1915 definition of Twitter, which means “giggle,” in which case… um… never mind.

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