Breaking: Donald Trump Rocking Suit And Red Baseball Cap… But Doesn’t Seem To Know Mercedes Builds Vehicles In Alabama

Donald Trump is speaking in a stadium in Mobile, Alabama, live on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

He is wearing a red cap, which we assume is his outdoor-avoid-a-combover-blowing-in-the-wind cap.

In his speech, he pointed out that Americans get nothing from Germany, and asked if anyone in the audience drives a Mercedes.  Presumably he meant America buys Mercedes vehicles from Germany and gets nothing in return. Oops, we guess he doesn’t know that Mercedes manufactures cars in Alabama.  You know, Alabama – the place he is speaking.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. Does Bernie Sanders support Mercedes creating jobs in Alabama? Oh, right, we don’t know because the cable news networks don’t show his speeches live, even if he fills an arena.  We guess Bernie Sanders is like One Direction: able to fill an arena, but nobody wants to see it on Fox News.
  2. Why is CNN continually showing shots of the half of the stadium with people in it?  We are guessing there are not people in the other half of the stadium, or we would see it.  Does someone have to score a touchdown in the other end of that stadium for us to see how many people are there? Or maybe someone can hit a homerun to the other side.  Trump is wearing the right cap for that.
  3. Why did the crowd boo MSNBC? Don’t they know that MSNBC is showing Trump instead of Democrats?  Also, don’t they know that MSNBC posted the words “MSNBC loves Alabama” on the screen during that moment? (True fact, and funny work, MSNBC!)

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