If You Want Asparagus Water, You Are Going To Have To Shop Elsewhere.

Yahoo reports that Whole Foods Market has pulled $5.99 jars of “Asparagus Water” from a California store after a photo of the product went viral.  Spoiler alert: the jars contained several stalks of asparagus in water.

3 Frequently Asked Questions We Suspect Arise From This Story

  1. But did the label contain the correct measurements of asparagus and water? Whole Foods has admitted to improperly labelled products, and if I have to torture myself by drinking unblended asparagus, I want to make sure I’m drinking as little as possible.”
  2. “I thought Vitamin Water was the last great water-combination idea. Why didn’t someone tell me to invest in this so I could avoid bankruptcy?” – 50 Cent
  3. “Oh, wait, I did invest in this. Who was the idiot who told me to invest in asparagus water? Now I have to file for bankruptcy!”

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