Now We Try To Guess Who Facebook’s New 49 Million Monthly Active Users Are

Facebook reported yesterday that monthly active users increased to 1.49 billion, or 49 million users.  This compared to Twitter reporting 2 million new monthly active users earlier this week.

We’ve been trying to guess this week who the 2 million earthlings are who would somehow want to use Twitter. Now it’s Facebook’s turn… who are these 49 million new Facebookers? We have 3 guesses.

1. Moms who will now embarrass their adolescent, adult, and senior citizen kids. – 45 million

2. People who said they would never sign up for Facebook or Twitter and changed their minds after being unable to tell off Donald Trump on social media. – 2 million.

3. Mexicans who crossed the border legally to tell off Donald Trump using free WiFi at Best Westerns, before returning home to spotty internet connections. – 2 million.

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