Study: Retirement Is Good For Your Health… Unless You Retire While Driving In A NASCAR Race

Yahoo Finance reports that a recent scientific study proves that retiring is good for your health, although the effects may not be noticeable for a few years.

3 Times We Suspect Retirement May Be Bad For Your Health

1. Retiring right before completing your scientific study that proves retirement may be good for your health. Someone else is totally gonna take credit for your work and collect all the dough!

2. Retiring from this daily blog before publishing today’s entry. Some strangers are totally gonna click they like this! And they really like it, as evidenced by rare times like when they didn’t like this. (Weird, huh? Totally real people totally liked the sequel entry the next day.)

3. Retiring before getting the job, during the job interview. Really, millennials? We heard you feel entitled, but come on!

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  1. Actually, I’m pretty sure that taking a break from the grind of daily posting can’t possibly be bad for the health.


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