Guy With 11% of the Vote Of One Party Loses Support Of Wealthier Billionaire

Forbes reports that Mexican telecom billionaire, Carlos Slim, one of the world’s several richest men, severed ties with Donald Trump related to some undisclosed Mexican TV show.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. How did the Trump name become a “luxury” brand? From bankrupt faux-Taj-Mahal-replica and other casinos bearing the Trump name, to made-in-China ties also bearing said name, we think we have a different definition of luxury: the other stuff for sale on Fifth Avenue… or Fourth Avenue, wherever that is….

2. How will the Donald react to someone richer than him dropping him? Trump reportedly said he had a Gucci store worth more than Mitt Romney. Of course that means nothing, except it makes us wonder if Gucci will dump Trump. Perhaps Gucci can move out of Trump Tower into the Abercrombie & Fitch store across the street. Based on Abercrombie’s new policy, it’s not like A&F has shirtless guards preventing a new tenant from moving in.

3. With some polls saying Trump has 11% of support of Republicans primary voters, which we equate to a minimal support of Americans, why is he still part of the media cycle?  Secret: get your shows booted off TV channels, and ironically end up as a talking head on TV channels.

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  1. Considering that there are about 15 Republican candidates and no one has more than 20% support, 11% is actually pretty good in that field.


    • Disagree – there were 33 Republican candidates on the 2012 New Hampshire primary, and Mitt Romney took 39.4% of the vote. The fact that nobody appears to favor any of these candidates does not mean any of these candidates are doing well.


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