Shark Falls From Sky. What Movie Plot Will Come True Next?

Yahoo News reports that a shark has fallen from the sky onto a woman’s garden in Virginia Beach.  Experts reportedly believe that no Sharknado was involved – they believe the shark likely was picked up by and dropped by an osprey.

Based on this news, here are three more movie plots we expect to come true

1. Every zombie movie ever made will come true, requiring Hollywood to change its strategy to create movies to entertain the zombie demographic. Actually, Hollywood seems well-positioned for this.

2. The self-driving car, “Johnny Cab,” in the original Total Recall will be your next Uber driver. Hopefully the results are better for you, as a passenger, and also better than the movie’s unwatchable remake.  Even if you do get Johnny Cab, we think it’s fair to say he would make a better Uber driver than an osprey.  They totally suck at taxiing sharks to their destinations.

3. Spoiler Alert! Someone will get away with a crime in a mansion with security cameras everywhere, for no explicable reason, just like in Gone Girl. Actually, we have an explanation: nobody wants to see Neil Patrick Harris semi-nude on any screen, whether it be at the movies, or on security cameras in his character’s house.

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