Three New Hosts We’d Like To See For The Celebrity Apprentice

The Associated Press reports that NBC has terminated its business relationships with Donald Trump due to offensive comments he made.  But there’s “better” news – the Celebrity Apprentice may continue with a new host.  Here are our three suggestions…

1. Everyone in the U.S. originally from Mexico. Seems fair to us.

2. Oscar the Grouch. Who wouldn’t want to see C-list celebrities trying to resurrect their careers addressing a puppet as “Mister Grouch?” Plus, he’s grouchy, which equals instant comedic gold on reality TV.

3. Amanda, the receptionist on the Celebrity Apprentice who writes stuff in a tiny day-planner because obviously Donald Trump doesn’t schedule appointments using an iPhone or computer. We think she’s spent enough time pretending to write in a book – time to move to the big show. (As long as she doesn’t endorse any Trump view. Only one way to tell – turn over those day-planners. We hope they’re full of doodling and notes that “This sucks.”)

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