3 Ideas We Have On How To Make Your Blackberry-Bacteria Free

Telecompaper reports that Blackberry plans a “bacteria-free” smartphone for hospitals. They’ll be no need to wipe down the germs (or dust) on these items. How will it work?

The article doesn’t give too many details, so we’ll just have to guess…

1. They’ve assumed nobody will ever have a reason to touch this product.

2. Replace the traditional Blackberry keyboard with a touchscreen keyboard, which no Blackberry user would know how to use. (Oh wait they tried this with the Storm… is this where all the unsold Storms are being dumped?)

3. The device comes with a hospital sign warning “no phones or electronic devices.” Again, nobody will have a reason to touch the thing!

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  1. It can just be a Blackberry wirelessly operated from an iPhone.

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