Those Tattoos Of Your Heart Beating May Be Screwing Up Your Apple Watch

Marketwatch reports that Apple Watch may be misreading the heart rate of people with tattoos on their wrists.

3 Tattoos We Suggest You May Want To Avoid 

1. Tattoo of an Apple Watch.  Probably not the best way to show your love for Apple Watch and reading your heart rate on your wrist.

2. Any sort of skull. We’re just going to assume skulls are dead and don’t have heart rates, and the watch is smart enough to know that.

3. Medic Alert wrist bracelet. Good news, you won’t risk losing your medical information. Bad news: if you wear a watch over it, paramedics will not see your bracelet and may be tempted to send you their heart beats from their own Apple Watches, which totally won’t resuscitate you.

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