Italian Man Hangs Up Twice On Pope Thinking Its Prank Call… We’ve Got 3 Solutions To Prevent This In The Future…

Yahoo News Digest reports that an Italian man hung up on the Pope two times because he thought they were prank calls.

The man had been selected for calls from the Pope because he wrote a letter to him, and apparently the Pope answers mail.

3 Solutions We Propose To This Problem

1. Before hanging up on someone claiming to be the Pope, ask the caller some skill-testing questions to prove they are the Pope. “What is the dress code at the Vatican?  Are baseball caps allowed?” That sounds like something only the Pope would know, and not just any prank caller with access to the internet.

2. Hey, Pope Francis, you’re on Twitter. Time to continue with the technological upgrades and use a smart phone with Facetime or Skype. You’ve been using cellular waves and WiFi to talk to God for ages, right? Why not upgrade your phone?

3. Everyone who mails a letter to the Pope gets a free ring tone identifying when the Pope calls.  We suggest the Carrie Underwood song “Jesus Take The Wheel,” because the Pope knows not to use a cellular device and drive, as, we trust, do the people who send him mail.

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