Missing Woman Found In Search Party Searching For Her

According to a 2012 story in the Toronto Sun, a search party in Iceland was called off after it was realized that the woman being searched for was actually in the search party.

Seems she got off a tour bus, changed her outfit, got back on the bus, and nobody recognized her, leading to a search for the woman.  The woman apparently didn’t recognize the description of herself.

3 Lessons From This Story

1. Different clothes are a disguise in Iceland. So stop wasting money on Icelandic Halloween costumes!

2. Instead of searching for people by description, perhaps a better starting point is searching for people by name. It sure does beat yelling “Person in the corduroy brown jacket, and blue jeans, where are you?” through the mountains.

3. If you don’t realize that you are searching for yourself, you definitely are in need of more soul-searching, and less solo hide-and-seek. Perhaps take a philosophy course instead of a bus tour next time.

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