Bieber tossed from Coachella. We Guess What Security Said.

According to CBC and TMZ, Justin Bieber was tossed from Coachella, where he was not performing, after being denied access to a backstage area to hang out with fellow Canadian Drake.

3 Responses We Wonder If Security Used If Justin Bieber Asked “Do You Know Who I Am?”

1. “Dude, this is California, and I’m so baked, I don’t even know who I am?”

2. “Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?” – mirrors in sunglasses of security guard staring at Bieber.

3. “Yes, the person Drake said leave off the guest list, so you would know how much it hurt when Drake couldn’t get access to the Miami Heat’s locker room after they won an NBA Championship.  How much did it hurt? So much that Drake became the team ambassador to the Raptors.”

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