What Is This “Boxing Day” Canadians Are Talking About?

Happy Boxing Day, world!

“Huh?” those of you outside Canada say, “What’s that?”

3 Easy Facts To Help You Understand The Difference Between Boxing Day And Black Friday

1. Boxing Day is Canada’s “Black Friday.” Except it’s the day after Christmas, and not the day after Thanksgiving. All of which may seem confusing, as the day after Christmas this year is also Friday, and much of Canada is covered with white, rather than black, snow. And Thanksgiving in Canada is in October, so that the country does not exhaust its turkey supply in one short-November-to-December period.

2. Black Friday is named after the day U.S. retailers are supposed to be in the “black” aka “profitable.” Hey, U.S. retailers, you probably would be more profitable if you didn’t put things on sale until after Christmas. Because people have to buy gifts before Christmas. Did you really need this lesson in capitalism from Canada, America?

3. Those smart Canadians figured out what Black Friday was, and so started driving across the border to the U.S. to buy presents, forcing American chains in Canada to bring Black Friday to Canada. So now, everything is on sale, all the time in Canada, just like in America. And by “sale” we mean marked down to the price the retailers would have wanted to sell it to you at anyway. So enjoy your 40% off everything 48-weeks-of-the-year sale, consumers around the world!

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  1. Enjoying my boxing day in Aus. Cheers.

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