Google To Scan Gmail Emails and Suggest Replies… We Have Some Replies We’d Like To See…

CNN reports that a new Gmail feature will scan emails and suggest replies, because let’s face it, you’re too lazy to have it any other way.

3 Optional Gmail Responses We’d Like To See To The Question: “What do you think of this Gmail feature?”

  1. “Sounds like a rip-off of what Apple Watch already does with text messages. You’re so innovative, Silicon Valley!”
  2. “As long as the first suggestion is an ad for something I don’t want, just like on Google search, I love it!”
  3. “Since it is Friday I’m too drunk to answer that question coherently. So I’ll click on this instead of the more embarrassing drunk auto-messages Gmail also suggested for me.”

Categories: Mildly Bad News

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1 reply

  1. So I wonder how this feature is going to respond to the penis enlargement offers…


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