Utah Mom Buys Over $600 In “Indecent” T-Shirts Of Scantily-Clad Women To Get Them Out Of Store Display

The Detroit Free Press reports that a woman from Orem, Utah found a display of T-Shirts in a mall retailer so offensive that she bought all 19 of the T-Shirts in stock. The report says she intends to return the shirts within the retailer’s 60-day return period.

Orem, Utah reportedly uses the motto “Family City USA.”

Three Slogans We Propose For Orem, Utah

1. “Some Of Us Buy Stuff We Find Offensive In Store Displays And Then Return It In 60 Days Because In 60 Days It Will Be Logically Impossible To Display That Clothing Ever Again. P.S. Some Of Us Aren’t Good At Logic.”

2. “Some Of Us Buy Stuff We Find Offensive To Return It In 60 Days And Then Forget To Return It. Which Reminds Us, Are We Ever Going To Remeber To Cancel Our Netflix Subscriptions After Hearing Foul Language on Mad Men?”

3. “We Here At ‘The Nude Women Sculpted Into French Cheese & All-Sales-Are-Final Store’ Love That This Town Has Helped Us Avoid Any Economic Downturn!”

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4 replies

  1. This is such a ridiculous action to take. :/ people can wear and should sell what they want.


  2. Perhaps another mom will buy the for the next 60 days. Or she’s taking up a collection to permanently put them off the market. Of course, if the company thinks they’re that popular, more will soon be following.



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