Studies: One Of The Most Stressful Days Of The Year Is Over (Sorry West Coast…)

Yahoo reports that studies show U.S. tax filing day is one of the most stressful days of the year. So congratulations, East Coast, tax-filing day is over!

3 Ways To Celebrate That You Have Filed Your Taxes

1. Find a group of accountants to celebrate with you. Oh wait, they’ve all crashed and burned and fallen asleep. Aw well, we suspect partying with accountants isn’t that fun, unless it’s in the sunshine and they let you wear their accountant visors.

2. Throw confetti in the air. Oh, no! You aren’t shredding receipts from this year to make the confetti? You might need those!  Instead get free confetti from any stadium concert.

3. Phone your friends on the west coast. Who wouldn’t want to hear what someone stressed out in California or Seattle sounds like. We imagine more chill than your East Coast roommate who gets stressed out when someone borrows their mustard.

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  1. Hey, that mustard is not tax deductible!


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