Now You Won’t Have To Watch Ads Before Kitten Videos

Re/Code reports that YouTube is launching a new subscription service where users can pay to watch YouTube commercial-free!

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Who is going to pay to see commercial-free, unsteady-camera kitten videos? Certainly not dogs. Nor antisocial cats.  And definitely not cats or dogs prone to motion-sickness.

2. How much will this cost? Because given Netflix costs about $8 a month, what could YouTube possibly expect people to pay for a service that doesn’t include original series like House of Cards. Zero? Does “zero” sound reasonable to you? It does to us!

3. Is this really a secret scheme to take away the “skip” commercial option? Because having to watch full new commercials for Kool-Aid, when you wanted to ironically enjoy 1980s commercials of Kool-Aid Man seems like some form of double taxation. Oh-yeah!

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