Running For Reelection? Have You Considered Running Red Lights (On A Dare With A Reporter In The Car)?

Yahoo reports that Christy Clark, the leader of British Columbia, Canada (officially the “Premier,” which is like the “Governor,” for our American readers) is in some hot water after intentionally running a red light with her kid and a reporter in the car, on a “dare” from her son.

She’s up for re-election, by the way.

Could it be worse? Of course! Here’s:

3 Dumber Things A Politician From British Columbia Could Do With A Reporter In Their Car

1. Say “This province needs to be more British, and less ‘Columbia!'” And then start driving on the British side of the road a.k.a. “the wrong side of the road in Canada.”

Not A New Car!

Painting angry teeth on your car to scare off other traffic does not make it a good idea to run red lights, either.

2. Say “This province needs to be more “Colombia” and less “British Columbia!” And then throw British Columbian marijuana out the window and pull out a bag of Colombian cocaine.

3. Say “This province needs to be more B.C., and by ‘B.C.’ I’m referring to the prehistoric-era comic strip where the main character drives around on one wheel.” And then remove three tires from the car and drive through a red light on a dare.

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  1. One of your best! And that’s saying something.


  2. I do share your fears of this right wing regime, we live in sdeewn and the political situation is not as far down that road yet, but we see it coming. I do not think the left will be able to solve this better, I think we have to go deeper and question the foundations of modernity and what we value and why, in today’s society. Direct action can probably win small victories, but for DA to make an impact in the big picture it has to be scaled up and a lot of actions has to occur. There is an ongoing debate on what actions are efficient for making change, and that is another important topic. I just think that our survival is more important and sometimes sentences is a smaller loss than a dying planet. The first thing we need to do on a large scale is to slow down the destruction and keep in mind that there is nothing inevitable about continuing the destruction, it is a choice made over and over every day by masses of people, corporations and politicians. Hopefully we can get the chance to teach others about what is behind these crisis’s instead of some new nazi regime blaming it all on immigrants or arabs. There are a lot of reasons to take action I think, simply building ones own lifeboat probably won’t work in this scenario, so we’ll have to find a way to reach the masses and change the direction of the whole herd. I don’t think you should feel guilty for living the life you’ve had, we are all victims to our circumstances and we are taught early on to live a certain way by our society and we are being excluded from human contact if we try to live in another way. These are complex issues and I really appreciate that it engages people! Keep it up!



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