Alert For All Jar Jar Binks Fans

The Star Wars movies are now available for digital download on services like iTunes.

3 Suggestions Now That Star Wars Is Available For Download

1. Purchase as many copies of “Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” as you can afford. Sure, you’ll be downloading the same file again and again. But you’ll also be sending a message to Hollywood that you want to see more movies like this, and less like Furious 7. (Which would actually be an improvement.)

2. You no longer need to hide DVDs featuring Jar Jar Binks from your family and friends to avoid embarrassment. You can now hide him in the cloud, where they’ll never find your Jar Jar collection.

3. If your iCloud password is “JarJar1999,” your kids will probably find your collection, since they already assumed the worst when they found the DVDs in a fishing tackle box.

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