Teenager Runs Up $54,000 Bar Tabs Using Father’s Amex Card

According to the LA Times, a sixteen-year-old in Japan spent $54,000 in a night out at adult-only bars using his father’s American Express Card.

A judge ruled that the father ought to pay about $8,000, while the bars and American Express were ordered responsible for the rest of the bill for not having proper systems in place to prevent the incident.

3 Observations About This Story

1. That’s enough money to buy 54 slightly-obsolete TVs at Costco, before the company drops American Express next year. (We’d suggest using the TVs to air Growing Pains, which is clearly the best show to teach teenagers discipline in television history.)

2. $54,000 US is like over $6 million Japanese Yen, which sounds even more hard core. How is it, a 16-year-old got away with spending 6 million units of currency, and didn’t even get cut off?

3. Are these receipts eligible for the Rich Kids of Instagram, when technically, the kid’s family only paid a mere $8,000 on the night out? Sounds like a real issue for a judge to decide.

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