Pregnant Woman Completes College Test While In Labor

CNN reports that a pregnant Georgia woman completed a college psychology exam online while in labor at the hospital.  The baby was born soonafter a-okay!

3 Observations That Arise From This Story

  1. You know that time you wrote a college exam hungover, after going out for “just one beer” that turned into many more. No longer an excuse for failing the exam.
  2. Remember that note from your doctor postponing an exam due to German Measles? Also lame. Especially if the test was on German language and the note was written in German that actually says you had “A Case Of German Diesels.”
  3. A case of German Diesels” is our new euphemism for Volkswagen vehicles that cheat on tests.  So be inspired by this hard-working mother, and don’t get a case of the German Diesels before your next college exam.


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  1. I wonder if the woman requested anesthesia midway through the exam.


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